Sunday, June 7, 2009

Two garden visits in three days

I've become rather attached to our garden. It's to the point where I want to go visit it every day. Although this is not quite possible, it made me really happy to be able to spend Thursday and Saturday afternoon out there. (And I have a sunburn to prove it!) Thursday John and I went out to water, and then after watering we just laid on the grass and talked for an hour. That was lovely. Just hanging out at the garden is a lot of fun. As soon as we start getting some produce, I think we should have picnics out there in the evenings.

I went out by myself on Saturday, staked out the tomato plants in preparation for all the rain we're supposed to be getting, and did some weeding.
We need to do major weeding (I'll send around an email.)
There are some points where the little plants coming up are being choked out by the weeds, so much so that some rows aren't coming up at all. (This is the same bed apres wedding.)
I think we may have to reseed them. I also found some baby carrots, and the cutest little bean sprouts you've ever seen!
We have tons of stuff coming up, we just can't see it for all the weeds. A new friend I made on Saturday commented that it looked like we had abandoned our garden. That made me sad. I think we need to give it some love.

- Mimi

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