Saturday, May 30, 2009

saturday fun!

deliciously planted pepper and tomato beds!

janna, our watering angel
mimi and leena giving the tomatoes lots of love (i.e. three-way mix of compost, peat and manure)
emma demonstrating "the asian squat"


  1. Yay for tomatoes and peppers. But "the asian squat"? I'm pretty sure racism is not groovy!

  2. Emma Dines, can you be racist towards yourself?

  3. There's nothing amdirable about racisim. The Asian sqaut, however, is a wonderful and enviable skill. Westerners just wish they had a sitting position named after them. All we know how to do is sit in chairs. Don't worry, Emma, I'm bringing some Asian sqatting back wtih me so you won't be alone!