Monday, May 11, 2009

Bus/Bike Directions

Okay, sorry, this is not an interesting post.  Unless you're trying to get from Waterloo to our new garden plots - then it will be utterly fascinating.

So, this is what my research has uncovered, and I'm telling you all so that you don't have to spend 30 min figuring it out (yes, you're welcome). So, take the #12 toward Fairview Mall until you get to the Highland Hills Mall. This will take you approximately 20 min. Then get on the #22 (toward Glencairn). You will go down Fischer-Hallman and then make a detour (do not be alarmed). You will cross back over Fischer-Hallman - this is where you need to get off. So, I forgot to mention that you should bring your bike with you when you get on the bus. They have these handy bike-rack-things on the front so that you can bus and bike. So you get off at Fischer-Hallman and keep biking down (south). You'll pass Bleams Rd, and a little further on you will see the cemetary to your right. You have arrived! (I'm resisting the temptation to make a terrible joke about cemetaries.... ah, the urge has passed). 

So all together this trip will take close to an hour. Do not let this deter you - you can change your lifestyle this summer. Simply by committing to this group, you will grow local, organic, fairly-traded food which you will turn into healthy, delicious and nutritious meals (I'm already planning potlucks) and use public transit, saving the planet from carbon emissions, as well as getting exercise through biking and gardening. That's cardio and resistance training - a complete workout! PLUS, with your 40 minutes of bus time, you can read all those classics that you never got around to: War and Peace, the complete works of William Shakespeare. Voila: you have become healthier, fitter, more eco-conscious, community-oriented and well-read in just one summer. Congratulations!

Alternate plan: Make friends with the people with wheels (and thus turn down the perfect self-improvement opportunity).

- Mimi

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