Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chickling Vetch and some of my other favourite things

I don't know what chickling vetch is. But apparantly we're going to plant it in our garden. And it's going to be great. I saw a picture and it just looked like a bunch of grass to me. But I'm trusting my fellow gardeners, even though I'm often suspicious if they really know any more than I do.

Chickling vetch has become one of my new favourite things. Mostly because it's just really a lot of fun to say. It kind of sounds like an insult, "You're just a chickling vetch!" And because it's going to be a part of my future, even though I have no idea what it is or what it will mean.

As I'm beginning the summer, a lot of things are like that. I've left my comfortable, fabulous community that I've had for the past 8 months. Relationships have ended and been put on hold, while others are deepening and new ones are appearing. It's a time of a lot of transition for me, and for a many of us "Groovy Root"ers. But working on this garden project is something that makes me feel at home. I forget about time passing and stressful issues, and wholeheartedly laugh, colour, plan, estimate, dream, debate, opinion and get distracted by YouTube along with everyone else.

I am so excited for this project. It makes me feel revolutionary, like student activists in the 70s. I know, lots of people garden and it's not that crazy. But there's that revolutionary kind of energy behind this. I feel like this garden project could change our lives. Maybe. In a small way. For the summer. Why not? Hey, I already learned two new words.



  1. Dear gardener friends: If you are keeping track of Groovy Garden supporters around the globe, you can stick a tack in Viet Nam! Seriously, it sounds like yall are off to a great agricultural adventure/revolutionary movement/dose of personal growth measured in tomato plants. I can't wait to get in on some tasty produce when I'm back in KW in September! Until then, I'll be avidly following your progress from afar!

  2. i wanna plant lovely veggis this summer too! Oh sounds soo good.!

  3. RBK there will be lots of yumminess into september and october! we will be having lots of harvest festivals!! tricia! totally! join in! we'll add you to the email list to keep up updated once you get back. oxox

  4. OH MY. THIS IS FANTASTIC. Do you know how much I miss you all. Seriously! Ah, can't you all just come and live in my back yard this summer? I too am working away at my own garden - we will have to share ideas! Onions, spinach and some lettuce planted. Peas/beans and beets this week. Going to get tomatoes May 23rd from Hoping to get 2-3 chickens too in the next few weeks.

    Sigh. Gardening and food production is so good for our soul.

    Rebecca Gibbins