Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Update from the front lines

(written on Monday evening)
I just got back from the garden and this is what I have to report in the battle against dryness: our garden is pretty dry. But so is everyone else's. I spent over 2 hours thoroughly dousing everything that we've planted thus far. I think it should be good for a couple days. I really think we should try to have a sign up for people to go water every couple days. And in pairs, it gets kind of long and lonely when you're by yourself.
Good news! Our onions are coming up marvelously. Question about those: are they just planted along the long sides of the garden? Or the short ones too? (I didn't see any coming up along the short sides.) Other things that are apparent: teeny weeny little lettuces, and what I think are nasturtiums. Ahhhh! So exciting! They just made my day.
Bad news: we need major weed patrol. The weeds are by far and away growing the best out of anything in our garden. It's amazing how they can sprout up so fast.
So: we need to get a bunch of us out soon to weed, and to plant our transplants. The frost danger is officially over (supposedly), which was confirmed for me by Desmond, a new gardening buddy I met today. So we have a bunch of tomato and pepper transplants that are ready to plant.

*Update on the update*: It rained last night. Yay! It's supposed to rain more. Yay!

- Mimi

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