Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Planning Meeting

meeting notes:

- its supposed to rain this week so that will be good!
- weed saturday! after all the rain it will be easier. that day we can also plant the transplants.
- matt can drive out the transplants thursday with mimi and maybe emma, and then we can bike out saturday and plant them and weed.

saturday work plan:
- first weed beds where the transplants will go
- plant transplants in those beds
- get tomato baskets (emma will price them, and get them for thursday)
- weed paths
- weed sprawl fest (we'll plant those transplants in a month)
- WATER as needed
- label the stakes

things we need for saturday
- shovel, hoe, spades, wedder claws

homework for saturday:
-everyone explore stake and cage options for tomato plants thursday
- get ahold of curtis to see if he can come saturday (with his truck and tools!)
- blog more. email mimi.hj [at] gmail [dot] com if you want the password to post.

watering schedule:
- thursdays- emma and mimi
- monday or tuesdays- jess and friend
- saturday- angie (?) and leena sometimes
- john! when he comes back from israel!

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